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Have you been searching for a reliable Bitcoin tumbler? Look no further than CoinMixer! Our top-notch service ensures that your coins become entirely untraceable. With our low fees, round-the-clock customer support, robust security measures, and seamless withdrawals of spotless Bitcoins, you can trust us to care for your needs. And because we understand your right to anonymity when transferring crypto, you can hold and pay with Bitcoin without leaving a trace.

Why should I mix my coins?

The Best CoinJoin Tumbler

What sets the top Bitcoin tumbler apart from the rest is the ability of CoinMixer to handle multiple Bitcoin transactions at once. To take advantage of this service, users must make a Bitcoin deposit of at least 0.001 BTC and can include up to 10 different addresses, each of which needs confirmation. The platform also offers a referral program that does not require site registration or identity checks. As a sign of our dedication to excellent service, all clients receive a letter of guarantee from CoinMixer - the best Bitcoin mixer.

CoinMixer - the best bitcoin tumbler

#1 Bitcoin Tumbler since 2016

Our offshore servers are firmly under our team's control, ensuring our infrastructure remains impervious to potential vulnerabilities. All data transmitted within our system undergoes encryption for enhanced protection. CoinMixer guarantees the privacy of our clients by not divulging any information through warrants or subpoenas. As staunch upholders of digital privacy, we refrain from collecting any data of our users or monitoring their online activities. To emphasize our commitment, we never keep records of logs, connection time stamps, session information, IP addresses, or any other identifiable data.

Maintain Your Privacy with the Fastest Bitcoin Blender Out There

For anyone who has dabbled in cryptocurrency within recent years, the technology known as "blockchain" is likely familiar. However, not everyone knows this innovative technology records all transactions in a decentralized public ledger. It means governments and blockchain forensics firms can trace all funds associated with a specific Bitcoin address. This traceability may come as a surprise to some, but fortunately, there are options available to protect privacy. One such option is a Bitcoin blender or tumbler, which can help mask any traces associated with a particular address. By utilizing services like CoinMixer, users can feel more secure in their transactions and maintain their privacy within blockchain technology.

Protect Your Digital Privacy with Our Secure, and Reliable Coin Mixer Service

Our platform is dedicated to facilitating private and secure Bitcoin transactions resistant to censorship. We prioritize protecting your anonymity and work tirelessly to ensure that our services can provide you with the utmost privacy. To achieve this goal, we have implemented a variety of innovative features into our Bitcoin tumbler:

Bulletproof level of protection Maximum Strength Protection

Our servers are fully secure with top-level encryption and situated in offshore locations, rendering them impervious to seizure. To ensure total privacy, each client is issued with a unique mixing code that prevents any mix-up between their coins and those previously sent to the mixer. Additionally, we guarantee that all transaction data, including incoming Bitcoin addresses, is permanently deleted for complete anonymity.

The biggest mixing facilities The Largest Mixing Capabilities

No matter the amount you're blending, be it just a mere 0.01 BTC or a whopping 100 BTC, our Bitcoin Tumbler service is the easiest and most convenient solution. With over 500 BTC reserves, we can handle even the most significant transactions within minutes.

The lowest fees on the web The Lowest Fees in the Market

CoinMixer offers a budget-friendly alternative to other tumbling services that apply 5% or higher hefty fees. Our fees begin at a 0.3%, and we give our clients the flexibility to customize their fees to enhance their anonymity and make it more difficult to trace their Bitcoin transactions.

CoinMixer's Fees

Mixed amount Min service fee You save
1 – 10 BTC 0,45% up to 0.005 BTC
10 – 50 BTC 0,40% up to 0.05 BTC
50 – 100 BTC 0,35% up to 0.15 BTC
100 – 1000 BTC 0,30% up to 2.00 BTC
1000 BTC and more 0,25% 2.50 BTC

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Fast payouts confirmation
Up to 24 hours of configurable delays
Up to 2 output addresses
Fast payouts confirmation
Up to 48 hours of configurable delays
Up to 5 output addresses
Premium plan for old valuable clients *
Up to 48 hours of configurable delays
Up to 5 output addresses
* Plan is valid till Jan 31, 2019
​Fast payouts confirmation
Up to 96 hours of configurable delays
Up to 10 output addresses

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CoinMixer - the best bitcoin tumbler